About Monkey Puzzle Media

Monkey Puzzle Media is an independent film production company that connects Chile with the international filmmaking community by making compelling, emotional cinema for global audiences.

For 15 years, Monkey Puzzle’s founder, Langdon F. Page, dreamed from his home in Los Angeles of the day when high-speed internet would allow filmmakers to work together regardless of their location. Since the mid-90’s he had felt an irresistible draw to the wild lands and timeless contradictions of the Southern Cone of the Americas. By 2011, the promise of an interconnected global community was finally becoming a reality, and Monkey Puzzle Media was born.

The idea to form a production company in Chile with strong connections to the international marketplace captured the imagination of the recently-launched Start-Up Chile initiative, and Monkey Puzzle Media was awarded a $40,000 grant as a Round 2 participant.

Monkey Puzzle Media has forged strategic alliances with some of Chile’s best filmmaking teams. By bringing together Mr. Page’s experience with U.S. producers and directors, combined with the local know-how of Chilean talent, Monkey Puzzle Media can offer U.S. productions a location experience in Chile that has never existed before. On the remote collaboration front, Monkey Puzzle Media edits documentaries with directors in Los Angeles and New York from it’s base in Santiago. Finally, Monkey Puzzle is in development on a slate of original productions with filmmakers around the world to be shot and/or posted in Chile and released worldwide.

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