Production Coordination

According to legend, when the world was formed a little piece of everywhere was collected at the bottom of the Americas in a long thin country we now call Chile. From the driest desert, to rain forests, volcanoes, archipelagoes, high peaks and plains, Chile has any landscape you can imagine.

Which makes it a location scout’s dream.

Beyond landscapes, Chile is both a vibrant, young country, with a diverse casting pool and bustling urban centers, and also a country where the past is still very much alive. Colonial architecture mingles with the modern, street criers on horse-drawn carts jostle with Porches. For a filmmaker in search of the unseen, Chile offers a glimpse of this new century unlike any other.

And Chile has the gear and the talent to make shooting here painless and cost-effective.

Monkey Puzzle Media is your liaison. We speak the language of the locals and know the expectations of global filmmakers.

Drop us a line and let’s make your next film in Chile…


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