Remote Collaboration

Since before the dawn of the internet, we’ve dreamed of being able to work anywhere in the world with people on the other side of the globe, without any loss in efficiency or collaborative flow. Finally, that dream is a reality.

We call it ‘remote collaboration.’ The director is in LA or NY or London; the editor, animators, or sound designer are in Chile. With daily, or even hourly, real-time video-contact via the internet, it no longer matters where one calls ‘home base.’ You can reap the benefits of posting in Chile, and still be home for dinner with your kids.

Is it right for every project, or every stage of every project? No. Sometimes making a film can only happen with the creators in the same room. And at those times, we travel.

But there are other, sometimes long periods is the making of a film when ‘remote collaboration’ can work to everyone’s benefit.

Drop us a line and let’s see if ‘remote collaboration’ is right for your next film…


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